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“Creating a space of EMPATHY for people…Where their VULNERABILITY has Greater Room to Exist…with this Room, the SHARED Space/Environment…Less Alone-ness is needed. Finer things become Shared and Revealed, in this GENTLE space of Empathy… This connected me to a greater understanding of PRESENCE. It allowed me to EXPRESS & RELATE to my INTUITION & EXPERIENCE in a visibly NEW WAY. I could expect, receive and OFFER MORE in communication with you. That this was ACKNOWLEDGED had such POWER in my Life, that I TRANSFORMED in coming IN CONTACT with it.”

-Yael D. Math Whiz, Artist and Grateful Client

Looking to make positive changes in your life around sticky issues like performance anxiety, unhealthy food cravings, or stressful transitions? Feel free to talk with Anya Drapkin, the founder of My Oasis for Healing. She has the capacity for listening deeply without judgment, then giving Compassion, Hope and Solid Guidance. Employing the powerful yet gentle combination of Hypnotherapy, Coaching, Neurolinguistic Programming and Touch, this multi-pronged approach appeals to those who have done some personal development in the past or who are looking to try it out for the first time. The phone consult is complementary (a $55 value) and required as a first step in working with Anya. Do you want to feel better and get unstuck? Then take the next step and book your consult Now!

To make an appointment for your phone consult, click the green Book Now button on this page and select the Discovery Phone Session option on the services menu. Easy as pie. Congrats on taking the first empowering step of many!

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