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Looking to make positive changes in your life around sticky issues like work challenges and relationship stresses? Please feel free to talk with Anya Drapkin, the founder of My Oasis for Healing. She has the capacity for listening deeply, then giving compassion, guidance & hope. Take another step to see if it’s a fit for you to work with Anya by requesting a phone consult. Employing the powerful yet gentle combination of Hypnotherapy, NLP Coaching, Art Expression Therapy and Touch, this multi-pronged approach appeals to those who have done some personal development in the past or who are looking to try it out for the first time.

To make an appointment for a free phone consult, click the green Book Now button on this page and select the first option on the services menu.                     If you are looking to use a prepaid voucher, click there too and select the service that matches your voucher. Please note that Anya is now based in Portland and will be available in Oakland 5 days each month. (Please opt-in to receive updates from Mailchimp-this feature is coming soon)

Got a Quick Question? To get email support, click on the ‘Ask a Question’ field under the Book Now button to your left.

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2939 Summit St. 3rd Floor, Suite 303, Oakland, CA 94609 (Bay Sleep Clinic Bldg.)

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