Meet Anya-Healer/Artist

Anya Drapkin has been a certified and practicing hypnotherapist since 2001. She received her education and certified at Twin Lakes College of Healing Arts in Santa Cruz, after inspiration from massage client’s feedback about her soothing voice. She integrates her vocal guidance skills with Neuro-Linguistic Programming to bring her clients to a state of deeper relaxation than hypnosis alone.

Anya has studied mostly in California: De Anza College in Cupertino, Lupin Massage Institute in Los Gatos, Esalen Institute in Big Sur, Watercourse Way Spa Therapy in Palo Alto, Aromaceuticals Aromatherapy with Kath Koeppen of Aromaceuticals, LLC  She took a trip to Graz, Austria in 2002 to study Breema Bodywork which focuses primarily on presence and harmony.

Anya reignited her childhood passion for painting in 2013, when she met the visionary artist Shiloh Sophia. As a student of her painting method, she discovered how much healing can be done in the non-verbal realm through art. She has begun to incorporate a painting process into the transformative work she uses to help her clients move beyond emotional and mental blocks that can keep them feeling stuck.

In her practice, Anya has worked with thousands of clients, who have found her healing style to be inspiring, corrective and relaxing. She has experience alleviating problems such as anxiety around life transitions, relationship and work stress, TMJ, discomfort associated with pregnancy, and helping clients find solutions to changing the way they react to situations that keep them stuck in the same frustrating patterns. As a teacher who enjoys sharing her knowledge, Anya loves helping her clients and friends take ownership of their mind and body’s health.

Anya’s philosophy: You make more informed decisions when you know more about how your mind and body works. This leads to a better quality of communication, less reactivity and a much better quality of life!

Through her own experience, she has cultivated a deeper understanding for the aches and pains-physical and emotional, that come from an active lifestyle. That said, there is nothing Anya enjoys more than treating those who are pain and injury free to a deeply relaxing hypnosis session.

Anya welcomes you to My Oasis for Healing and looks forward to serving You!